We've fixed a lot of bugs and issues with the game and it should be ready to work like a charm! There are two steps needed to reset the game on your phone so that the changes can take effect: remove the CODEKEEPERS app from your Facebook account and reset your phone browser's cache. Follow these instructions below for doing that, then you're all set to start hunting again!

Clearing your phone browser's cache:

It's important first to close out of any tabs on your phone's browser that have the game page ( open. After doing so, proceed with clearing your browser's cache.

If you're unsure or unfamiliar with how to do this, don't worry -- it's very easy! Depending on what mobile browser you use, it just takes a couple or a few steps.

For iPhones running Safari:


Step 1: Press the bookmarks button in the top left


Step 2: Move the the "History" tab and press clear in the bottom right


Step 3: Clear your cache by selecting "All Time"


For Android phones running Chrome:


Step 1: From the main screen, press the menu button in the top right (three dots stacked vertically)

Step 2: Select "Settings"

Step 3: Under the settings, select "Privacy"

Step 4: Scroll down and select "Clear browsing data"

Step 5: For the purposes of clearing all old Outlaw Hunter data, select either "past week" or "beginning of time" under the "Clear data from the" dropdown menu. Make sure the first three boxes are all checked. Then press "Clear data"

Removing the CODEKEEPERS Facebook app:

Step 1: From the home screen on your Facebook app, press the menu button in the top right next to the notifications icon

Step 2: Scroll down and select "Account Settings"

Step 3: Scroll down and select "Apps"

Step 4: Press "Logged in with Facebook"

Step 5: Find "Code Keepers" in either list of linked apps and select it


Step 6: Scroll down and select "Remove App"



Step 7: Press "Remove" to complete the process.



After you complete these steps you're ready to start hunting again! Head on back to and HAPPY HUNTING!